There is so much more to a person than a few paragraphs can capture but I'll try.

My name is Jessica Pahl.  I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, moved to Atlanta, Georgia, for my younger years and then spent the rest of my childhood in a small town near the mountains of North Carolina.  I am the oldest of four, with one sister and two brothers.  My adolescent years were pretty typical, a young girl who had no idea what to believe about the world, consumed by the drama that is high school.  I moved to New York before college trying to "find" myself and came back to North Carolina a year and a half later with a new perspective.  I attended East Carolina University and met my husband my last semester there, online. Yes, met him on myspace, long story, God is good.  Got married, had kids, and finally, after 13 years of living in Greenville, NC, I moved to San Luis Obispo, California, to start a new chapter of life and hopefully, settle down for good.  

Now, I spend my days taking care of my four sweet, very loud, kids and my handsome husband.  When I'm not washing diapers, cooking in the kitchen or picking up toys around the house, you'll find me with a cup of coffee, writing or crocheting.  Some day, when time and space allows, I hope to pull out my easel and paint again.  

I have a big heart for stay at home mothers.  I know what a blessing it is, but I'm also aware of the struggles.  It can be lonely, and the daily tasks that are being done over and over again can start to seem unimportant.  I've been so blessed by the women God has placed in my path and the wisdom they pass on to me. Community is an important part of growth for all women, whether working or not.  My hope is, if you came to this blog looking for reassurance that there are no perfect housewives, you found it.  But even more important, that you know your children (and you!) are loved perfectly by God, and He will cover you, and them, with His grace.