I'm embarrassed to admit this now, but just five short years ago I was reluctant to invite friends over to my house because I was ashamed of where I lived.  I felt like at my age, and with my college degree, I shouldn't be living in a two bedroom apartment with a futon as a couch. I knew in my heart, what we were doing was best for our family but I still cared about what others thought of me. Some days I was content being patient while my husband was working full time and going to school full time, so that our future would look differently.  But more days than I care to admit, I played the pity game.  I wasn't vocal about it usually, but inside I wanted to know why I wasn't living in a house that was decorated like Real Simple magazine.  

I'm so thankful for the women God put in my life at that time.  Women that had husbands in medical school, women that had far more children than I did, women that homeschooled, women who were on a tight budget and women who were states away from other family members.  But what really spoke to me, was not that these women were going through some similar situations, but how they went through them with contentment.  I wondered how they were so at peace with their different struggles.  It really was simple.  And this isn't to say they didn't have ANY days of discontentment, but for the most part they saw their blessings.  They didn't sit around thinking about all the things they didn't have, they were busy being thankful for what they DID have.  And another obvious difference, almost every conversation I had with these women went back to the Gospel.  They had scripture memorized and would quote it to me often.  

The more we focus on the Gospel, the more content we will be.  Because hopefully, we will learn and truly know, that is all we need.