Am I enough?

I sit here at the kitchen table with one toddler on my lap and one toddler at my feet.  It's close to 10am and I'm just now having my first cup of coffee because my morning has been filled with diaper changes, bickering, wiping noses, cleaning spills, kissing boo-boos, scrambling eggs, and cutting up strawberries.  I'm still in my pjs, with a tired face and unwashed hair.  Last night Garet worked so I was up with all four kids at different times throughout the night, changing sheets, comforting after bad dreams and checking for fevers.  

I need some inspiration for my day, something to stir my soul and make my day feel not so mundane. This is where I make a huge mistake.  I reach for my phone, instead the Word.  I expect to feel refreshed by seeing beautiful pictures of flowers, food, living areas, and flawless faces.  I see women publishing books, starting magazines, designing clothes, speaking at conferences, and I wonder, am I enough?  Hear me, there is nothing wrong with those women and the great things they are doing.  God will and is using them for amazing purposes.  BUT, He is using YOU too and it is JUST as important.  Whether you have kids or not is beside the point.  Whatever you are doing, do it for the glory of God.  Making your husband lunch, cleaning the house, or washing the million piles of laundry from your children.  Do it well, and do it with a joyful heart.  It is not going unnoticed.  

It's so easy to feel your worth is from how many followers you have on Instagram, how much money is in your pocket, how far up the social ladder you climb or how perfect your outward appearance may seem.  

Your worth is far more, right now, than you can even imagine.  Someone has already laid down HIS LIFE, for YOU.  That's how much you're worth.  It's nothing you have done.  It's nothing you will do.  You.  Are.  Enough.  Your life, my life, going through the day doing seemingly unimportant tasks, they are enough.  Take comfort in that.  Embrace your life, the way it is, seeing the beauty and countless blessings right in front of you.  

Live this day knowing God is using it, and using you, in ways you may never understand in this life. But, one day, it will be made clear, it was for a glorious purpose.