Praying For Your Children

For me, at least in this season of life, a sit down prayer does not just naturally happen.  Throughout the day I'm in constant conversation, thanking, asking, being real, while in motion.  Ten seconds here, twenty seconds there, which I hope I will always do.  However, there is great importance to sitting down, in a quiet place and really talking to our Father, specifically about our children.  

Once a week, I try sit down when I have 30 minutes to an hour of quiet time.  I pray for each child separately, thanking God for their gifts and to help with their specific struggles. Then I write down a prayer for the week.  I read the prayer every morning when I wake up, and for me, because our afternoons can get crazy, I say it again around lunch.  Prayer is so easy to skip over, believe me, I know.  But it is very important and should be a priority in our day.  

This is mine for the week:

"Father, I pray that my attitude would be one of control and patience.  That my heart would be softened toward my disobedient children and I would show an abundance of love and grace.  I pray that my children's hearts are softened toward their imperfect mother.  Give them a desire to honor their parents, show kindness to their siblings and most importantly, seek you.  Through Christ, I pray. Amen"

This works for me right now but I would love to hear your thoughts.  How do you pray for your children?