Story of a Housewife: Laura Saufley

what health looks like in our family

Simply Healthy Mama.  That's been my website name and my online persona for four years now.  Some days, on my good days, I feel like I deserve that moniker.  I complete a long run, I eat healthy foods, and I get a good night's sleep.  I feel healthy.

And then there are those days when I feel like a fraud.  Those days when I'm scared that someone who reads my blog will see me chowing down on a Reese's Cup.  Those days when I am lucky if I clock 5,000 steps on my FitBit and I drink too much sweet tea.  Those days when I feel anything but healthy.

It's on those bad days that I have to remind myself of where I have been.

Four years ago, I looked into the mirror and had an 'ah-ha!'  moment.  I was overweight, tired, sedentary and depressed.  And I was the mother of three little girls who were looking to me to teach them how to be healthy--and I was teaching them anything but that.  It brought me to tears thinking about the bad habits that I was passing on to my children.

Back then, exercise was an occasional walk around the block.  The girls had never been in a gym--they had never even seen a set of weights.  We ate cereal for breakfast and had pizza or hamburger helper for supper.  We drank more soda than water and treats were a daily occurrence.

I knew that things needed to change and I reached out for help.  I met with a nutritionist, joined a gym, and started running.  It wasn't long before my daughters realized that this wasn't just a fad and that mom was serious about this health stuff.

Out went the soda and junk food and in came water, fruits, vegetables, and home cooked clean meals.  The girls started running with me and we spent time together jumping on the trampoline, playing at the park, and playing Just Dance on the Wii.

I've lost some weight over the last four years but my goal was never to be skinny.  I'm more proud of the fact that I've ran two half marathons and I'm training for my third.  I'm proud that my girls have completed a few races with me.  I'm proud when I look over from my perch on the stairclimber and see my oldest daughter on the elliptical.   I'm proud that our family is healthier now than we've ever been--and we are still improving every day!

Simply Healthy Mama.  That's what my children deserve and that is what I strive to be every single day.

Laura is a wife, mother of three, and passionate about sharing ways to encourage healthy living in families.  She is a nurse, blogger, runner and on top of that, homeschools her children.  To learn more about Laura, you can follow along at her blog, Simply Healthy Mama.