Why We Chose RV Living

It comes as no surprise that once I announced our plans to move out of our home and live in an RV full time, with four kids, (one dog and two guinea pigs), the questions and opinions starting rolling in. It seems to be something that is becoming more common, especially among homeschool families, but it is still not conventional.  For us, we are not traveling the United States, as appealing as that sounds, but will stay locally because of my husband's job and what our end goal is.  

Since Garet and I have been married, we have strived to live simply. For quite a few years, it was necessary because of the decision that was made for Garet to go back to school and I remain in the home.  Hard is an understatement.  We counted our money down to the pennies, was shown so much generosity from our sweet church family, as well as our families who lived so far away. There were many tears but the joy abounded.  I am so thankful for that time with my kids when they were little, watching every new thing they learned to do as they grew.  I learned in that season, there are pros and cons to every choice.  No, we did not have a house for a while.  In fact, there was a time period when we lived in a two bedroom apartment with all four kids.  No big yards.  Hardly ever bought new clothes or toys.  And eating out at restaurants was incredibly rare. But we knew, years down the road, the sacrifice would be worth it.  

Now here we are again, in a season of transition.  We moved out of our three bedroom home that had the most amazing views, to about a 400 square foot space.  I know there will be plenty of challenges that go along with our new lifestyle but I am also so excited to get back to simple living. Thankfully, being on the central coast of California, the year round weather allows us to do this. Even the rainy season here doesn't seem like much, coming from North Carolina. 

Because our end goal is to renovate a home on some property here on the central coast, saving money and paying off debt was essential to getting closer to that goal.  Rental prices in our area are very high, so taking out a mortgage while paying rent wasn't an option for us.  So by May, when hopefully we start building, we needed to find a place we could afford until the house was done.  RV living just made sense.  We decided to move out of our house six months earlier than we needed to in order to pay off debt quickly and save before taking out a loan. Until we get the permits we need to live on the property, there will be a couple of months we'll be at campgrounds. Even paying a weekly fee, it is far less than paying rent on a house.  


All in all, I am way more excited than nervous for this year of small space living. I know even if it is incredibly challenging at times, the end result will be worth it.  So far we are almost two months in, and it has been such an amazing experience.  Time is so valuable and there is more of an abundance of it with such a small space to care for (and fewer material items to worry about).  There have been a few things that took time to work out, mostly bedtime with all the kids in one bunk (with a trundle). And a few more things I'm still trying to work out, but, in my experience, all hard seasons in life are full of the opportunity for growth.