Are Oils Worth the Investment?

First thing, I DO NOT sell oils so this is in no way trying to make me money.  Just an honest opinion since there is a HUGE oil craze going on.  The fairly new obsession with oils in social media world had me intrigued.  

What I want for my home is a clean, calm, peaceful environment.  I think I can confidently say most of us want that.  My life is filled with little kids (which means my house is often loud, messy, and not so calm), and financial responsibilities (which means we have a modest budget).  When I first saw oils mentioned everywhere, I thought that's nice but not something I want to invest in. Because buying quality oils (not all are made equally), is an investment.  My experience with oils goes back to my childhood when my mom would put cotton balls of lavender under my pillowcase to help me sleep.  That's all I thought oils were good for, plus the occasional massage. I had no idea the extent of uses for essential oils.  For me to invest in something, especially as a one income family of six, it has to be useful. I'm talking DAILY useful.  

About six months ago, a friend emailed me about buying a starter kit.  I was leaning toward no, but I had been hearing such great things from friends I trusted, I had to give it a try.  After all, if bottles of oil were going to change my home life for the better, how could I refuse?!

Let me just say, when I received my kit and all the information that came with it, I was completely overwhelmed.  So many oils, with so many uses.  I didn't know where to start.  But six months later I've found a good rhythm and am still learning new ways to incorporate  oils in my everyday life.  

Out of all the ways I've used oils I'll tell you a few of my favorites.  

  • Buy a diffuser.  This is my favorite and easiest way to use oils.  My house always smells amazing now, as well as offering emotional and physical support for our bodies. It honestly gives the house a more peaceful feel.  
  • Mixes for headaches, minor boo boos, muscle soreness, and calming.  
  • Cleaning purposes.  I can't even write all the ways you can clean your house with oils. Personally, carpet powder and glass cleaner are my most used.  But I'm still (weekly) learning new ways to use them around the home with the oils I have on hand.
  • And last, with food.  I've used peppermint and lemon several times while baking or in my water. Also, did you know you can make a rinse for your vegetables and fruits with lemon oil instead of purchasing a rinse at the store?! 

Many, many ways to incorporate oils into your daily life.  So if you're worried the oils won't be used, know that definitely won't be the case.  I would also note, you don't have to purchase a whole kit in the beginning.  It's alright to start small and see if it works in your home.  Maybe start with lavender, lemon, and peppermint.  Hope this was helpful if you've been on the fence about essential oils.  If you are interested in buying or have questions, you can get in touch with my friend Rachael here, she would love to help you.