Seasons of the Heart {Gracelaced}


It should come as no surprise, that as a real person, my life does not resemble the picture above most days.  Dirty knees, yes.  Chickens running around, sometimes.  Flower crowns, rarely.  Most days, clothes are mismatched and dirty.  Little disputes between the four children are on and off ALL day long.  A temper tantrum here and there when one of the precious children are told "no".  Often my life does not feel like a fairy tale, (even though, still in the mess of life I find it absolutely beautiful). I feel exhausted, at times unworthy of motherhood, and quite honestly, a reminder of God's perfect love for me as an imperfect person is deeply needed.  


I have a love/hate relationship with social media but one of the delightful things about it, is the women I have encountered.  One of these women, Ruth Chou Simons, I have been following on Instagram for years, and have been greatly encouraged and inspired by her.  Always pointing me back to Christ with her posts about motherhood, marriage, and life in general.  Not only an artist, but as a writer seeking to share gospel truths with the world, she has a book being released September 1st.  (As part of the Gracelaced launch team, I was sent an advanced copy.  I loved the gorgeous book so much that I bought one for all the women in my family.) I have been blessed by its pages in so many ways and wanted to share with you a bit of what was pressed onto my heart through it.  

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

Gracedlaced walks you through the seasons of your heart and starts with winter.  I was reminded of the unchanging character of God.  Trustworthy, sufficient, ever-present, wise, merciful, sovereign, etc.  We were meant to dwell in our Savior as our refuge, not the things on this earth.  I love this quote from Ruth, "Brick and mortar, pillows and throws, swept floors and quiet children...our physical environment was never intended to be our true refuge. Turn instead to the unshakable, steady, and strong shelter of our Savior...There we abide; there we dwell; there we find rest." 


I encourage you to order a copy, grab some colored pencils or paints, search your heart, and get closer to God.  "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.  He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name." Psalm 147: 3-4

*If you pre-order before September 1st, you will recieve pre-order bonuses. After you have ordered your copy from any retailer, go here to claim your gift.